Upload 48 Photo Collage

  • Upload 48 Photo Collage
  • £29.99

With our  white frame panoramic photo collage maker you can produce a unique and personalised framed collage gift online.

Available in either a black, white or silver frame.

By simply uploading 48 of your favourite photo's to our family or wedding photo collage template you can produce a stunning photo print, poster that will make a perfect accessory to grace any wall or to give as a special keepsakes gift.

Every photo tells a story & holds a special memory, so why keep them hidden away on your data storage, create a personalised photo collage and give it pride of place on your walls for everyone to see.

The input is all down to your imagination and creativity which will make a genuinely bespoke gift that can be given for any special occasion.

All prints are available framed and in a variety of frame colours and sizes.
Or unframed as a print only, the preference is yours


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