large 8 photo collage

  • large 8 photo collage
  • £49.99

Easy Create a large 8 Photo Collage By simply uploading 8 of your favourite photo's to our panoramic 8 photo collage template, you can produce stunning wall art that will make a perfect accessory to grace any wall in your home.
Each print comes framed in black panoramic frames, silver panoramic frames, or white panoramic frames more large photo collages

Photo collage maker takes all the hard work from creating a framed photo collage, making it easy with our photo collage online service. Watch as you create it on any mobile phone, tablet, pc, or device, no waiting for an email preview. It takes five simple steps to complete. With our photo collage maker app, 


1. pick a photo collage template, press creates 


2. upload your photos. The description tells you how many images

the collage template holds


3. click auto-populate. which will arrange your pictures in the photo collage grid 


4. arrange and crop photos to how you want them. Drag and drop to change place. Pick what picture frame you want black picture frame, white picture frame or silver picture frame 


5. check that all photos and wording are correct by zooming in on the preview page. Check that everything is ok. If so, press ok. If not suitable, press the cancel button, rectify it, check again, and press ok when happy. It is that easy. We have a step by a step video tutorial to take you through the process


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